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Hiring a Deportation Attorney is Vital for Deportation Defense

Hiring a deportation attorney who understands the changing immigration laws and has experience creating strong arguments for relief from deportation is vital to success in deportation defense. Although non-citizens are not required to have an attorney and can choose to represent themselves in deportation proceedings, most are not trained in immigration law and do not have the knowledge or experience needed to successfully win arguments in front of the immigration judge.

The stakes are high. If the non-citizen convinces the judge to grant relief from deportation, he or she is allowed to remain in the United States and could likely receive a green card. If the judge denies relief from deportation, the non-citizen will be ordered deported to his or her country of citizenship.

The team at Vanderwall Immigration has two experienced deportation defense attorneys on staff. We have successfully argued that a client’s deportation proceedings should be terminated. We have successfully administratively closed many client’s cases. We have also argued winning cases for asylum in front of the immigration judge. We have also won applications for cancellation of deportation and for adjustment of status in deportation proceedings.

The deportation attorneys at Vanderwall Immigration, are highly knowledgeable in the laws and policies surrounding deportation proceedings. In the last few years, under the leadership of President Trump, deportation proceedings have become much more contentious. The attorneys for the government have become much more aggressive. The immigration judges have been told to work through cases faster and to approve cases less. Because of these changes in law and policy, it is now more vital than ever to get the proper deportation attorney to help you in deportation proceedings.

First, our deportation attorneys can talk with you to learn more about your history and determine which application will help you most. Then we can advise you on exactly what documentation you need to provide. We also help you prepare your evidence and your testimony to the court. We can help you gather witnesses and prepare your witnesses to testify. We also create our legal brief to submit to the deportation judge before your deportation hearing. All of these steps are important to success in deportation proceedings.

Deportation proceedings are very stressful. If you or a loved one has been detained by immigration and has been sent to deportation proceedings, call the deportation attorneys at Vanderwall Immigration as soon as possible. We can represent you through all the stages of the deportation defense process and help you win your lawful status in the United States. Call us for a consultation at 503-206-8414.