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Vanderwall Immigration - Beaverton
June 20, 2018

Best Lawyers in Portland!!! They helped our family so much and so quickly. Paula helped us with our case and she was honestly so amazing, very kind and always explained things clearly to us. She answered every single question we had and was very patient. We are very thankful that we were able to get their help, worth all the money and time we spent with them(:

Vanderwall Immigration
June 19, 2018

It is a very special pleasure to return to USA and without a doubt to greet the Affordable Law Center a place where I found extraordinary confidence to be able to fix my immigration citation in a short time, a very kind treatment, they were with me at all times very kind treatment and I want to tell you all the people in similar situations (immigration case) to mine invite them to spend with the lawyer and I think they will achieve their purpose just as I personally I am very grateful to all the staff that aki collaborates and fights for a good be family ..

Vanderwall Immigration
June 13, 2018

They are a great work team. They did an excellent job for me and my son and I are very happy with AFFORDABLE Law Center. Candece C. Vanderwall is an Excellent Lawyer! Thank you very much for everything ... I recommend it to everyone who needs help with immigration.

Vanderwall Immigration
April 19, 2018

This team is wonderful! They're honest about the process and don't sucker you into services that you're capable of handling yourself. We found them responsive and easy to work for.

Vanderwall Immigration
March 14, 2018

If you need a professional team to help you navigate through immigration issues and processes, we highly recommend Vanderwall Immigration.

Vanderwall Immigration
February 20, 2018

Thank you very much for your help with the procedures of my citizenship. The truth is they have a very good work team. I recommend them to all. They will take you out of any questions you have about immigration. God bless you each one of you????

Vanderwall Immigration
February 19, 2018

Amazing staff! They do a great job! Very happy with there hard work. I truly recommend you go to them!

Vanderwall Immigration
February 12, 2018

My husband and I were incredibly blessed to have the team at affordable law help us with the green card process. They are incredibly affordable and if you look around it will be hard to find anything at a better price. They also give incredible service and really care about their clients. I don’t think I could have asked for anything better.
Vanessa closely guided us and made the incredibly baffling and scary process, feel simple. She listened and really cared about us as individuals, and our meetings were always productive and stress free. We were given simple instructions and then Vanessa did lots of the behind the scenes leg work making sure all the forms were in order and correct.
My husband and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer.

Vanderwall Immigration
February 8, 2018

Very helpful place, very nice people working there, and really is affordable. Highly recommend to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

Vanderwall Immigration
February 7, 2018

I was really happy with the services i received here! I couldn't have asked for a better service from Vanessa Flores; she is a fantastic asset to the law team!
I highly recommend asking for Candice Vanderwall and for Vanessa Flores to take your case!
they make an exceptional team!

Vanderwall Immigration
January 20, 2018

Exceeding expectations, I live in the Columbia Gorge area and After searching for the best option for an immigration lawyer in the area came across ALC website, I called them and the gave me an appointment rite away to discuss my case and also the best quote. Immediately this case was on file and they worked super hard helping retrieve every paper and walked me through every step I need to take to accomplish my goals. Six months later I got my interview for citizenship and I felt very well taken care of and prepared before my interview. I highly recommend Vanderwall Immigration to anyone needing a immigration lawyer in the Portland Area or the Columbia River Gorge. Thank you Vanessa!!

I found the best immigration lawyer in Portland, they helped me make a process that took me 5 years to start because I had no idea where to do it or how to do it. They supported me from the beginning to the end of my citizenship process. Excellent service, highly recommended and very good price too. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Vanderwall Immigration
January 19, 2018

I am very satisfied with my experience at this firm. They are very professional and stay up to date with current immigration laws. The fees I was quoted never changed and I was given clear instruction on what documents they needed from me, they promptly answered any questions I had during the process. Over all the whole process was very smooth, and my case was resolved in less time than expected. Paula was always very organized, kind,and professional, it was a pleasant experience to work with her. I would definitely use their services again in the future if needed.

Vanderwall Immigration
January 17, 2018

thank you for your excellent work and for helping the community mainly because they speak Spanish

Vanderwall Immigration
December 6, 2017

I am very happy to have hired the legal services of attorney Candice and Paula ... super professional and very, very kind to their clients my case was a success ... led I recommend the services of immigration attorney Candice and of affordable law center

Vanderwall Immigration
December 5, 2017

We were very impressed with the service. The expectations were always clear, and we didn’t encounter any delays related to paperwork. If you need a professional team to help you navigate through immigration issues and processes, we highly recommend Vanderwall Immigration.

Vanderwall Immigration
November 10, 2017

Candace and Paula are the BEST!
They went above and beyond what I expected. They walked us through every step of the way. If we had any questions I would either email or call them and they would respond right away and explain it to me or let me know what I needed to do next. If you need Immigration help this is the place to get it. They are the best

Vanderwall Immigration
August 2, 2017

I am one of those do it yourself types, but found my wife would be better off with professional help for immigration. The team at Vanderwall Immigration will work hard to get your immigration needs met in a professional and friendly manner. I was very happy to have these folks help my wife, as her needs with immigration were rather convoluted. I would recommend these folks whether your case is simple or difficult. They can handle your issues and as the name suggests they are also affordable. Thanks to all their help, my wife is now an American citizen.

Vanderwall Immigration
August 1, 2017

Great place, and super great staff. Had the pleasure to work with Candace, she's super sweet and is dedicated to her work. Her assistants are just as wonderful as she is; Karen first helped us out and then Paula. They work real hard to get what needs to get done. If my husband and I need them in the future we are definitely coming back to them.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 30, 2017

They do a excelente job at a good price. You're going to be in good hands.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 28, 2017

These ladies are wonderful for your immigration case. You are in great hands when it comes to Candace and Paula. From day one, they were honest and sincere with the process and we didn't feel pressured at all. They have helped many members in my family and I highly recommend them to anyone. Great price and wonderful atmosphere. Thanks to them, my family is together.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 26, 2017

They helped me get my residency. Attorney and paralegals were always very helpful and super nice. I will definitely be contacting them again when my time for renewal comes! Thank you affordable law center for doing an excellent job!

Vanderwall Immigration
June 25, 2017

Great staff! They were very helpful, friendly and the price was affordable 🙂

Vanderwall Immigration
June 24, 2017

Thank you for those working in Law Center Affordable be professional in their work can already be legally in the US and be with my family I recommend 100% I thank God for them on my way new mind thanks.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 22, 2017

Hi .. I am very grateful to the Affordable Service Law Center, I was treated really well and won my case thanks to God and to them they are very professional. Blessings and success!

Vanderwall Immigration
June 21, 2017


Vanderwall Immigration
June 20, 2017

I am so happy with affordable law center...they are nice...very honest...I have been using there services for a while and I am very satisfied. ...there prices are in the low side....thank you for your great work in helping our people.....

Vanderwall Immigration
June 18, 2017

When empesaron our case they were cinceros to tell us what nesecitababamos and what we had to pay and because everything went very well and on September 7 this year went to the appointment to Ciudad Juarez Mexico and a week later we returned and we are very grateful for your help Sugey Santos.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 17, 2017

I am totally grateful to this office Vanderwall Immigration because thanks to them I could get my residence and in no time have my citizenship and I also want to stress that people who work there are very friendly and will serve with respect and make you feel confidence .
I want to especially thank Cynthia she was the one who took my case personally and when I had my interview with immigration all my papers were in perfect order did not miss anything and totally helped me in everything. From how to buy my air tickets, how to make my appointments physical and fingerprints very important things for immigration examination and I am totally grateful that he chose the best dates could to my appointments so I could save as much as they could ... Many thanks to Vanderwall Immigration for all your help ....
Totally I recommend them to you. Greetings.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 16, 2017

They are always accessible and aren't ridiculously priced. I would definitely recommend to anyone. Thanks for all your help!

Vanderwall Immigration
June 15, 2017

They know what they doing Very up to date with Immagration laws and correct documents, they work hard to make the process easy, they are perfessional and a caring team I would recommend this attorney office to anyone who really wants an excellent/knowledgeable team to help them in this in this area of law.

Thank you affordable immagration law center

Vanderwall Immigration
June 14, 2017

I started my case in January 2016, and from the beginning, everything was presented in a clear manner to me. All my questions were answered promptly, and I had a lot of questions. Time frames and information about my case were realistic, even though my case took less time than I was told. What helped is that I did my part in the process, they were really clear on what I needed to do and I did it right away. This made the process quick and easy.
Price was very affordable, I was given a breakdown of the all prices at the first visit, and I did not pay a penny more.

Over all great service, great staff, and doing my part and asking questions helped a lot.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 12, 2017

Great law firm! Really helpfull and really caring. You feel in good hands.

Vanderwall Immigration
June 11, 2017

If you are looking for a firm that truly care about their clients and take pride in their customer service, you need to look no more. This firm treats you like member of the family and not a number! They are dedicated to their work and believe in their cause, and it shows in their commitment to making sure each cases receives their best work! The ladies at Vanderwall Immigration do great work!

Vanderwall Immigration
June 10, 2017

Karen is extremely helpful and sincere. I highly recommend them!

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