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At Vanderwall Immigration, our dedicated Portland deportation defense lawyer is a tireless advocate for the rights of our clients. Dealing with the possibility of deportation is an incredibly stressful situation, but it’s important to remember that you have the right to mount a comprehensive defense. Taking a proactive approach is crucial in deportation matters. If you or your loved one is facing deportation, we are here to protect your rights. Contact us today for a strictly confidential, no-obligation consultation with a top-rated Portland immigration lawyer.

Deportation Affects Many People Each Year

Deportation can have a profound impact on the lives of individuals and their families. It is a challenging situation to navigate, and unfortunately, it is relatively common. In 2022 alone, U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) data showed that over 70,000 individuals were deported from the country. The U.S. government continuously pursues removal proceedings against people, making it essential to understand that immigration authorities do not have the unilateral right to make the final call on deportation cases. Every person facing removal from the United States has the opportunity to raise a robust defense. Time is of the essence, so taking proactive steps is vital.

What to Do If You Receive a Notice to Appear (NTA)

A Notice to Appear (NTA), as described by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), is a document instructing an individual to appear before an immigration judge. It serves as the initial official step in the deportation process. Receiving an NTA can be an overwhelming experience, particularly for those unfamiliar with U.S. immigration law. If you receive an NTA, immediate action is crucial. These are time-sensitive legal matters, and here are key steps to take when facing potential deportation:

  • Stay calm and carefully review the notice: The NTA outlines the allegations against you and the reasons for initiating removal proceedings. Read the entire document to ensure a thorough understanding of the charges and the date and time of your hearing.
  • Consult with a Portland immigration lawyer: Remember, you are not alone. Seek the assistance of an experienced Portland immigration attorney who can defend clients against deportation. Your lawyer will provide guidance and help you navigate the complex legal system, exploring every potential deportation defense.
  • Respond promptly: Missing the deadline to respond to the NTA or failing to appear for your hearing can result in a removal order being issued in your absence.
  • Gather necessary documentation: Prepare all relevant documents that will help build a strong defense against the allegations in the NTA. This may include proof of immigration status, medical records, employment history, or character references.
  • Prepare for your hearing: Collaborate closely with your attorney to develop a comprehensive strategy for your case. You may need to present evidence contradicting the allegations in the NTA, prove eligibility for relief from removal, and explore all available legal options.

An Overview of Deportation Defenses

Defending against deportation requires more than just stating a desire to remain in the country. It is crucial to raise a specific and well-supported defense. Here are some of the different defenses against deportation in Portland:

  1. Adjustment of Status: This process allows individuals already present in the United States to apply for lawful permanent resident status (a green card) without leaving the country. Eligibility for adjustment of status typically depends on factors such as family relationships, employment, or refugee status.
  2. Asylum Claim: Asylum is a form of protection granted to individuals who have been persecuted or fear persecution in their home country due to race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Demonstrating a well-founded fear of persecution may make you eligible for asylum in the United States.
  3. Cancellation of Removal: Certain non-citizens facing deportation can qualify for cancellation of removal, which is a form of relief. To be eligible, specific criteria must be met, including continuous physical presence in the U.S. for a certain number of years, good moral character, and demonstrating that deportation would cause extreme hardship to a qualifying U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident family member.
  4. Deportation Waivers: Non-citizens who can demonstrate that their removal would result in extreme hardship to themselves or qualifying U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident family members may be eligible for deportation waivers. There are various types of waivers available, such as the I-601 waiver for unlawful presence, the I-212 waiver for previous removals, and the I-601A provisional waiver for inadmissibility.

Deportation Defense: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Deportation Defense?

Deportation defense broadly refers to the process of protecting an individual from being removed from the United States for an alleged violation of immigration law. A Portland, OR deportation defense lawyer can help clients understand their rights, navigate the complex legal process, and represent them in immigration court proceedings. The primary goal is to prevent deportation.

Can a Person Be Deported Even if They Have a Green Card?

While a green card grants lawful permanent resident status in the United States, certain circumstances can lead to deportation for green card holders. Committing certain crimes or violating their status in other ways can put green card holders at risk. While U.S. citizenship provides protection against deportation, lawful permanent residents should always consult an immigration attorney if they are facing criminal charges or are otherwise at risk of deportation.

What Happens if You Ignore Deportation Papers?

Ignoring deportation papers, known as a Notice to Appear (NTA), is one of the biggest mistakes one can make. Failure to respond or attend the scheduled immigration court hearing can result in an in absentia order, where the immigration judge decides the case without your presence. This often leads to an automatic removal order and subsequent deportation. Ignoring the NTA means missing out on the opportunity to raise a defense against deportation.

You Can Rely on Vanderwall Immigration for Deportation Defense in Portland, Oregon

Facing deportation is a highly stressful, confusing, and complicated situation. It is natural to feel uncertain about where to turn or what steps to take. Remember that you and your family don’t have to face this legal process alone. At Vanderwall Immigration, we are a law firm composed of immigrants and immigrant families. With our commitment to personalized legal representation, our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every client receives attentive, solution-focused guidance and support. We take a proactive approach and our Portland deportation defense lawyer is prepared to:

  • Listen to your story and explain your options.
  • Identify all possible defenses against deportation.
  • Assist you in gathering all necessary documents, records, and evidence.
  • Take action to protect your rights and future.

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