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If Your Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is Ending a Visa Attorney Could Help You Get a Green Card

President Trump and his administration is determined to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for citizens of many countries. Currently, the President has declared an end to TPS. However, lawsuits were filed against the President’s decision. We are currently awaiting a final verdict from the courts. If you or a loved one is in fear of losing their TPS status, it is important to talk to a visa attorney to advise you on other possibilities you may have of obtaining a green card.

One way to obtain a green card is for a family member to file a petition for you. If you are the parent, child, spouse, or sibling of a United States citizen or resident, they may be able to file a petition to help you obtain a green card. Sometimes you have to return to your country of origin to obtain your green card, but often you can process for a green card from within the United States. A visa attorney can learn more about your immigration history and explain to you in detail how the process would work in your specific case.

Another way to obtain a green card is to apply through an employer. Usually the employer has to show that you are highly qualified for the job and that he has tried to find other workers to take your position, but could not. If the employer can show that you are the only qualified candidate for the job, they may be able to help you get a visa and/or a green card to stay in the United States. Your employer should contact a visa attorney who can explain the options that apply to you.

You can also get a green card if you have been the victim of crime. There is a program for those who have been the victim of domestic violence by family members. There is also a program for those who have been the victim of other types of severe crimes. If you explain the crime to a visa attorney, they can tell you if you would qualify for a green card.

Another option for you may be to seek asylum. For asylum, you have to prove to the US government that you cannot go back to your home country because you will be harmed or killed. This is a challenging and complicated process, so working with an experienced visa attorney is imperative.

If you currently have TPS, now is the time to see what other options may be available to you for a green card. Call the visa attorneys at Vanderwall Immigration for a consultation. We will ask you questions about yourself and your family and determine which option will be best for you so that you can remain in the United States. Call us at 503-206-8414 to set up your consultation today.