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Immigration Attorney Explains What to Expect at a Spousal Visa Interview

So, you have filed all of your paperwork and you have gone to your biometrics appointment and now you are scheduled to attend your spousal visa interview. What can you expect?

When a US citizen or resident petitions for their spouse to become a US resident, the immigration service requires you to attend a spousal visa interview If your spouse is attending the spousal visa interview abroad, in their home country, you are not required to attend the interview. If your spouse is scheduled for a spousal visa interview in the United States, then both spouses are required to attend the interview.

During the beginning of the interview, the immigration official will gather biographic and identity information from the applicant. He may re-fingerprint the applicant and take a photo. He will also ask the applicant to swear to tell the truth.

The officer will then begin to review the immigration paperwork with the applicant to make sure all of the information the officer has is correct and up to date. The officer can also ask questions regarding the applications to clarify any information.

Then the officer will begin to question the applicant and you, the spouse, if you are present at the interview. The purpose of the immigration officer’s questions is to determine if the relationship you have with your spouse is legitimate and based upon love and affection. The officer is trying to determine if you are committing what is called visa fraud. Visa fraud can include someone trying to obtain a spousal visa just because they want to move to the United States, and not because they are in a legitimate relationship with a US citizen or resident.

The officer will try to determine the legitimacy of your relationship by asking you questions about your relationship and each other.  Sometimes the officer will separate the spouses to see if your answers match. Common questions revolve around: spouse’s name, date of birth, place of birth, parent and sibling information, work and school information, address history, modes of transportation, prior marriages, children’s information, religious affiliation, future plans.

If the officer is not satisfied that you and your spouse are in a bona fide relationship, the spousal visa will be denied.

It is important to be fully prepared for your spousal visa interview. The immigration attorneys at Vanderwall Immigration have helped hundreds of immigrants obtain their spousal visas in the United States. If you want to start the process of a spousal visa or if you need help at the spousal visa interview stage, give the immigrant attorneys at Vanderwall Immigration a call at 503-206-8414 to set up an immigration consultation.