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How long does it take to get a green card?

For many, the highly wanted green card is an opportunity for a brighter future in the United States. However, the path to obtaining this permanent resident status can feel uncertain, leading to the common question: how long does it take to get a green card?

The truth is, there’s no simple answer. The processing time for your green card application depends on many factors, some of which you can control and others that remain out of your hands. Navigating this complex process can be tiresome, but here at Vanderwall Immigration, we’re dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

Understanding the Variables

Several key factors significantly impact the speed of obtaining a green card. Let’s discuss the most important ones:

  • Category: Different green card categories have vastly different processing times. Employment-based visas, for instance, tend to be faster than family-based ones. Within family-based categories, the specific relationship (spouse, child, parent) and your country of origin also play a role.
  • Backlog Blues: Certain countries face notable backlogs due to high demand, leading to extended wait times for their citizens. 
  • Location: Applying from within the U.S. through adjustment of status can be quicker than consular processing abroad, which involves additional steps and potential delays.
  • The USCIS Shuffle: Changes in the workload of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) affect processing times across all categories. It’s important to keep track of their latest time estimates The U.S.

A Glimpse into Timeframe of Family-Based Green Card

The timeframe for obtaining a family-based green card varies by the applicant’s relationship to the U.S. citizen or green card holder and their country of origin. Immediate relatives of U.S. citizens, such as spouses and minor children, generally experience shorter processing times. For a marriage green card, the wait can range from 12 to 26 months, depending on whether the spouse is a U.S. citizen or a green card holder. Minor children of U.S. citizens have a processing time of 10-13 months, while children of green card holders face a longer wait of 23-38 months. Parents of U.S. citizens can expect the process to take about 10-13 months. These times are estimates, and for accurate information, consulting with a Salem immigration attorney is recommended.

Empowering Your Green Card Journey

At Vanderwall Immigration, we understand the anxieties and uncertainties surrounding the green card application. Our dedicated team of Salem immigration attorneys is expert in dealing with the complexities of immigration law. We will assess your situation, offer individual legal assistance, keep you informed throughout the process, and represent you before USCIS to meet the unique needs of your case.

Your Green Card Journey Starts Now

Obtaining a green card is a significant step towards building a life in the United States. Don’t let the intricacies of the process scare you. By partnering with Vanderwall Immigration, you gain access to expert guidance and unwavering support throughout your journey. Contact our Salem immigration lawyers today for a no-obligation case review.