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green card application

A Visa Attorney can Help You in an Application for a Green Card

Lawful Permanent Residents and U.S. Citizens can petition to help their family members become lawful permanent residents and obtain a “green card.”

A U.S. citizen can petition for his or her:

  • Spouse
  • Married Children
  • Unmarried Children
  • Parents (if the citizen is 21 or older)
  • Siblings

A lawful permanent resident can petition for his or her:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children

The first step in the process to getting a green card is the petition. This is where the U.S. citizen or lawful… Continue readingSeguir Leyendo

Applying for a Green Card Abroad versus in the United States

The application process for a green card (officially known as a permanent resident card), may be initiated either within or outside of the United States. If you process from within the United States, it is called adjustment of status. If you process from abroad, it is called consular processing. It is important to have a foundational knowledge of which pathway you must take so that you don’t waste your time, money, and energy on a process that will… Continue readingSeguir Leyendo

Application for Green Card in a Family-Based Petition

It’s no secret that green cards are a hot topic of discussion these days, especially given the recent and pending changes to the United States immigration system. With so many questions surrounding America’s immigration laws, it is essential to understand the facts before considering an application for a green card.

What is a green card?

A green card is a nickname for the United States permanent resident card. A green card allows you to live and work permanently in the… Continue readingSeguir Leyendo

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